Qustodio Review

This application works in stealth mode and transmit all the data to user’s control panel within few minutes. It’s a powerful mobile monitoring app in the market with good price and features. Mobistealth works in stealth mode like its name and user don’t get noticed of it.


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Basic Features:

Monitor Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or even Viber it covers these all apps.
Safe words you can put in your control panel and when someone type those words on the target device it will trigger an alert with a message.
Like all other mobile monitoring apps you can use Qustodio to track calls and text messages.
Monitor call logs and details, also check contact lists as well.
Track your teen with GPS tracking or monitor your kids with text monitoring feature.
This app is handy and you can login to your control panel wherever you go, all you need is internet connection and a mobile or PC to login.
It cannot be tempered by the user.
Phone support is available but only in working hours.
Send the command through your control panel and target device will start recording whatever the voices it hear around the device in real-time.
It works well on a non-jailbreak iPhone as well but it’s not supporting the latest 9.3 version of iOS.
Get instant notifications in your control panel when your target change the sim card.
If something is going really wrong than you can remotely send the command and lock the device, only you can unlock it and user will not be able to unlock device in anyway.
You can also erase all the stored pictures, videos, files and contacts by giving the erase command through your control panel.
It works in totally hidden mode and the user will not notice or find this app in anyway. They cannot find it in installed apps section.

GPS Tracking:

Mobistealth provides the hand on GPS tracking and you can locate any time your device wherever it is.Simply sign-in and check the device location.

No iPhone App

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and you are looking to buy a monitoring app for it than you will be disappointed as Mobistealth does not offer such monitoring app.it only works with jailbreak and older versions.

Customer Support:

Their customer support is average and refund policy is good which offers 30 days money back but it comes with different clauses.


Price is good and it starts from $26.66/Month for Android devices and for iPhones it starts from $40/Month which is fair enough.

Good Points:

Low Price
Surround recording

Bad Points:

No app for iPhone Jailbreak devices
Limited Features
Supporting old android and iPhone operating systems
No blocking capabilities

Supported Platforms:

iPhone (without jailbreak only)
Windows (Computers)

Final Words:

It’s not a good and updated app, they are supporting an iOS which is 1 year old, and so if you are trying to monitor on an iPhone which is updated to iOS 9.3 you will not be able to do this with this app. Their customer support is not good enough and mostly people complain that they don’t normally sort out the issues. We will recommend not to use this app otherwise you will face many issues in installing and using.

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