Pumpic Review

It’s a nice cell monitoring software with lots of features, they are offering a 7-days free trial as well for new users.The best feature is that you can view the mobile screen and GPS location in real time which other mobile monitoring apps are not offering.


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Reporting and Logging:

Online Demo is available where you can monitor the target’s all activities.
You can view their calls and contacts with just one click.
Teenshield is their partner.
Check the control panel for detailed reporting and logging where you can see all the stored data.
View Facebook and Twitter messages.
Check call log detailed and track who called your target number.
You can block the running apps in real time.
Get GPS location in real time but make sure the phone is using mobile data or wifi.
Monitor Whatsapp and iMessages.
Discover what photos are taken on the smartphone or tablet. Log photos were taken by the phone.
Lock, get SIM info and remotely delete phone info such as call contacts.
This app is compatible with iOS 9.
Get Profanity Alert, Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts.
Monitor Gmail, SMS, Link to YouTube Video
App is compatible with most models of iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones.
This app will have a name in the installed app section and if your target is a bit smart he can find and remove it so it means this app does not work in stealth mode.

Real Time GPS Monitoring:

No other app in the market offering real time GPS monitoring but Pumpic is offering this feature but with few limitations.

Blocking and Device Wipeout:

When you are afraid or think you need to block the device within seconds or simply erase all the data than you can use a single command to block or wipe out all the data to ensure your security.

Customer Support:

Live chat and ticket support is available and response time is average.


$139.97/ 12 months look fair but when you compare the feature and technology Pumpic is offering you will find it high.They are accepting the Visa & Master card.

Good Points

Real-time GPS
The deleted messages you can retrive.

Negative Points:

Your target can find this app is installed on their mobile.
I wont suggest you this app if you are an iPhone user, because they only support till iOS 9

No jail-break solution available for iPhones.

Supported Platforms::


Conclusion :

This app is visible on the phone you will install which is the worst part and you can just monitor that device NOT control, Offered prices are average but features are very limited and specially for the iPhone users, If your iPhone is updated to 9.1 then this app will be useless for you, in our view 90% people those are looking to monitor on iPhones always search for a jailbreak app so they don’t need to jailbreak their target device and install the app which is a lengthy process. instead, they simply buy a jailbreak app, provide iCloud credentials and start monitoring. It is an outdated app with limited features.

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