PhoneSheriff Review

It is basically a parental monitoring app with lots of parental control features.Phone sheriff compatible with Android and iPhone mobiles. You can monitor the text messages and block any number in the contacts works in stealth mode and give parents the control of their child’s device.They are offering jailbreak and no jailbreak solutions as well.


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Main Features:

Phone sheriff is a great cell monitoring app with lots of latest monitoring features.
PhoneSheriff app can notify your child that they are being monitored. Since they know the app is installed, they will be more eager to follow your rules. You can hide the app as well but that require some settings to use.
This company is based in the US and following all US laws.
You can block Specific Websites or Applications or choose categories to block.
Set time limits and block any phone number from texting, calls, or both.
Lock the device during certain times of a day or just restrict calls.
Ger location tagging allows your child to check-in from wherever they are and see the location. You can mark the safe and unsafe locations as well and get alerts when your child enters an unsafe location.
Login to a secure online control panel to view the logs from any web browser.

Not a Hidden App

PhoneSheriff is a parental monitoring app and when installed on the target device your target can see this app installed.

GPS Tracking

Its GPS Tracking feature enables you to track the real time location of target device.

Blocking Powers:

Any time of the day you can set the timer and it will auto block calls to the target device.

Websites Monitoring

You can view and block any website anytime through your control panel.

New Sim Card Alert::

You will get the SIM card change alert if someone tries to change it.

Customer Support:

Phone support and live chat support is now available and you can also lodge a ticket is you have any issue.Their response time is average.

Price and Value Of Money

They are offering this app for $89/Year and its a fair price for monitoring purpose with limited features but if you are looking to monitor then its not for you.

Good Points:

Available for Android & iPhone
Blocking and filtering features

Negative Points:

This software does not work in stealth mode
No remote wipe or lock feature available
No Key logger feature
No Geo-Fencing Feature
No keyword alert.

Platforms Supported:


Final Words:

Good software for parents in low price to monitor their kids but if your purpose is t monitor your employees or monitor kids then it will not work for you as its not a stealth app and to make it stealth you will need to do typical settings.

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